Orihon watoji lab

Sunday, June 23, 2019, 10:00 ÷ 13:30
Paraventi Giapponesi - Galleria Nobili
Via Marsala, 4
20121 Milano (MI)

Japanese Binding Workshop 和綴
Orihon concertina book
held by Asako Hishiki

The Gallery Paraventi Giapponesi - Galleria Nobili dedicates a workshop to traditional Japanese watoji 和綴 bookbinding. This time, with Asako Hishiki, we'll develop the concept of orihon, the concertina book of Chinese origin.

What is an orihon

An orihon is a book of chinese origin, traditionally used for buddhist sutras. It is not known when the switch from roll books to concertina books took place, but this happened in China before they moved to Japan.

Later on, it's been used for centuries for calligraphy exercises and drawings. It is a book, made of several paper sheets joined and folded as a concertina, realized in the desired size.

Orihon: concertina book made with watoji technique

Watoji laboratory programme

We will use papers hand-decorated, by students, with stamps made at the moment with rubber and potatoes.

We will then make:

  • orihon 折本 - concertina book
  • imoban 芋版 - potato stamps
  • gomuhan ゴムはん rubber-stamps

Imoban: traditional japanese stamps made with carved potatoes

Asako Hishiki biography

To learn more about personal and collective exhibitions, please see Asako Hishiki bio


  • Max 12 students
  • Cost € 60
  • All materials supplied by the artist
  • All objects produced remain the property of the student
  • For subscriptions please write to: info@paraventigiapponesi.it

Cancellation and non-attendance

If the cancellation occurs:
  • 10 or more days before the course: we will refund 85% of the amount
  • 7,8,9 days before: 50% refund
  • less than 7 days or non-attendance: no refund

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