Japanese folding screens by Galleria Nobili

Different historical periods

Active for over a decade in the international market of antique Japanese screens and always careful to the artistic quality and the conservation status of the works that we deal with, here at the Nobili Gallery, to meet the needs of our customers, we also committed to diversifying our offer, selecting and acquiring screens of different age, size and style.

Subjects inspired by Nature

Different are the subjects painted on the ancient Japanese screens, however our preference is for those of naturalistic theme, since they reflect the conception of Nature in oriental culture, that is substantially different from the western one. According to Shinto, Nature is spirit and Kami are manifestations of It, which take shape in objects or natural phenomena such as the mountains, the rivers, the trees, the rocks, the wind, the thunder.

Certified signatures and origins

The Nobili Gallery - Japanese Screens guarantees the authenticity, originality and provenance of the works on sale in its exhibition space in Milan and listed on its website, issuing written certifications, even if signatures and personal seals of the authors already appear.